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Gold, Platinum, and Diamond to Wave Bot

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond to Wave Bot

Hey, guys! I want to say thank you for being excited and flexible while we transition to Wave Bot. To show our appreciation, we are going to upgrade all Gold, Platinum, and Diamond musicians to Wave Bot at no extra charge. Meaning you’ll be grandfathered in on your current pricing instead of paying the new pricing of $59 monthly. Many new upgrades are coming with Wave Bot, including non-stop promotion, and I will outline all of the changes in this article.

Overview of Changes

  • Wave Bot will promote your music every week instead of only 5-7 days.
  • Weekly results (Fan Wave Report) has fan metrics, venues, and collaborators.
  • Wave Bot is $59 monthly instead of $39.99, $18.99 and $9.99.
  • The new futuristic design is streamlined and simple to use.
  • WPK is live but not editable. Distribution & royalties are in the legacy section pending deletion.

Four Times The Promotion

Currently, Gold musicians do not receive an included promotion, Platinum musicians get five days, and Diamond musicians have seven days of a promo. Once Wave Bot releases all musicians will receive automatic weekly promotions which are four times more than Innovaidv’s previous service.  Similar to our current offering, you can choose projects from Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Here are the steps to promoting with Wave Bot:

  • Wave Bot downloads your music from Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube
  • Wave Bot transmits your album to Facebook’s satellite.
  • Your advertisement is created and promoted on earth in a thriving city!
  • Wave Bot Creates a Fan Wave Report with your results.
  • Your promotion repeats every week.

Now I’ll explain how your results display and why the Fan Wave Report is superior to plays, views, and followers.

New Promotion Results (Fans, Venues, Collaborators).

The primary focus of Wave Bot is to facilitate your success. For that reason, we geared promotion toward discovering your fans, locating venues for booking, and connecting you to other musicians. I understand that plays, views, and followers are important to you, but those things are usually fake and take your career nowhere fast. According to Variety Media, Twitter recently removed 70 million fake accounts, and Tidal was caught falsifying tens of millions of Kanye West and Beyonce streams. Learn how Fraud Has Become the Latest Hurdle for Music Streaming.

Wave Bot promotes your music in thriving cities to locate people who are interested in your music. Then Wave Bot send your Fan Wave Report which includes information that matters.

  • Fan Metrics: Displays discovered fans including their age, gender, location, activity, and reactions to your music.
  • Local Venues: Lists venues available for booking near your discovered fans. Included are venue websites and phone numbers.
  • Artist Network: Opportunities to collaborate with musicians in your network. Find an opener for your show or create a hit song together.

As you find and grow your fan base, you will be able to make better decisions with your marketing and touring. Knowing your fans is the only way you can become successful. On top of that, touring is the number one way you will make money. It’s also the best way to interact with your fans and sell merchandise.  According to Business Insider, musicians only got 12% of the $43 billion the music industry generated in 2017, and it mostly came from touring.

As you can see, finding your fans then performing in front of them is the key to success. Your Fan Wave Report makes that easy. Now I’ll move on to pricing and explain how you can earn more money and keep labels, manager, and agents out of your pockets!

Keep Your Pricing and Save

We always keep our prices as low as possible, and we’ve done the same With Wave Bot. Constant promotion, weekly fan insights, venue listings and artists collaborators for $59 is a steal! But to make it even better and say thank you to all of the musicians who support us, all Gold, Platinum, and Diamond musicians will keep their pricing and get upgraded to Wave Bot.

We didn’t stop there. Wave Bot takes the place of your greedy record label, useless manager, and lazy agent. Collectively those people steal over 60% of all your revenue and 90% of your royalties. We hate that!

Here is the unfortunate cost of being a musician and why 15 million artists only received 12% of $43 billion made in 2017:

  • Personal Manager takes 20% gross earnings, 3-5 year contract.
  • Business Manager takes 5% gross earnings.
  • Booking Agent takes 10% of shows and appearances, 3+ year contract.
  • Promotion Company costs hundreds to thousands for horrible results.
  • Record Label takes 90% royalties (record sales) forever.
  • Label 360 Deal takes 35% from everything below.
    • Ticket Sales & Touring
    • Songwriting Revenue
    • Merchandise Sales
    • Fan Club Earnings
    • Sponsorship Money
    • Movie & Film Revenue
    • Etc

We said F**k that! Wave Bot has no contract. It keeps your music on track and provides networking opportunities better than a manager. It provides venues every week so you can easily book shows without an agent. Your automatic music promotion destroys the need for a promotion company. You discover new fans weekly across the United States, so you don’t need a record label. You keep 100% of all your earnings because you deserve it all!

Upgraded Futuristic Design

We created a revolutionary product, but we want you to experience it first hand. That’s why Innovadiv’s new design uses vibrant colors schemes and layouts that will make you feel like you woke up in Tron or the year 2072. You can also look forward to a quick and painless process that requires no uploading. Just tap to answer a few questions, then sit back and relax! Here is a sneak peak to our revamped blog page.

Legacy Features (Distribution & WPK)

We will discontinue WPK, music distribution and royalties when Wave Bot is released. To get to those options, you will click Legacy Features in the Billing and Settings section. Since these are legacy features not integrated with Wave Bot, they keep the same design and functionality from the past.

For old Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members your WPK will still be live, but you will not be able to make edits. The reason we are no longer offering the WPK with Wave Bot is musicians preferred a full website instead of the WPK and most favored promoting Spotify and SoundCloud accounts. If you would like to transfer your domain to a different site, please email, and the engineering department will help you.

I also suggest you redistribute your music with a new distributor such as Distrokid, TuneCor, CD Baby or one of the many others. Albums will be removed from stores and WPK’s will be taken down September 7th, 2018.

Learn more about Wave Bot by reading Wave Bot: Reforming The Music Industry or shoot an email to the support address above.

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